Nine Hope Partnership Youth Earn $17,900 in Scholarships

The students plan to use the money to help with college studies and training for the trades.

Above photo, left to right: Melinda Del Rio (Janus project facilitator), Thomas S., Gustavo P., Augustin E., Ezequiel V., Mauricio A., Bobby T., Todd P., Jace B., Kathleen Fullerton (Janus project coordinator).

Nine OYA youth have received a total of $17,900 in scholarships from Janus Youth Programs to aid them in their studies or to help them get started in a trade. Janus honored them at a June 25 ceremony at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, and at a July 7 event at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn.

The young men have all participated in the activities offered through Janus’s Hope Partnership program at MacLaren. They were honored for their progress toward their academic and vocational goals, and their accomplishments as volunteers and mentors to other youth.

Congratulations to all nine, listed here with their awards:

  • Mauricio A., $3,000
  • Jace B., $2,000
  • Agustin E., $2,000
  • Dakota O., $700
  • Gustavo P., $1,500
  • Todd P., $2,000
  • Thomas S., $3,000
  • Bobby T., $700
  • Ezequiel V., $3,000

Several of the youth had won scholarships from Janus in previous years. Many are using their awards to help with college tuition, fees, and books. Mauricio A. and Ezequiel V., for example, will both use their scholarships to help pay for their studies at Portland State University. Mauricio plans to begin studying business there in the fall. Ezequiel earned a 3.65 GPA there this past year, after earning an associate’s degree from Chemeketa Community College, partly with the aid of past Janus scholarships.

By contrast, Jace B., who has been learning the plumbing trade while at MacLaren, will be using part of his scholarship to buy the tools he will need to work as a plumber in the community.

All were grateful for the support. Ezequiel — speaking to a crowd at MacLaren made up of family members, staff from OYA and Janus, and well-wishers — thanked his family and then called out Kathleen Fullerton and Melinda Del Rio of Hope Partnership for special recognition. “They really try to nurture us and see the potential we all have,” he said. “I just want to say thank you for everyone supporting us and coming through. We appreciate it!”

Thomas S., who is one term away from completing his MBA through Eastern Oregon University and currently has a 3.9 GPA, echoed Ezequiel. “I just want to express my thanks for all the support,” he said. “Without it, none of us would be here today. All of us look forward to what the future brings.”

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