NEWS RELEASE: Youth Runs from OYA Custody in Albany

Leaves Community Event Without Permission

A youth committed to the Oregon Youth Authority (OYAKODAK Digital Still Camera) ran away from the Young Women’s Transitional Program (YWTP) the evening of Nov. 24. Nichole Blackburn, 18 (see photo), was participating in a supervised community event when she left without permission and evaded pursuit. A warrant has been issued, and law enforcement notified.

Blackburn was committed to the legal custody of OYA in March 2018 on a charge of third-degree robbery.

“We sincerely hope Ms. Blackburn is all right and want to locate her quickly to ensure her safety,” said Benjamin Chambers, an OYA spokesperson. “If members of the public encounter the youth, please call 911.”

YWTP is one of four step-down transitional facilities at OYA designed to prepare youth for their return to the community. Transitional camps have lower security than youth correctional facilities like MacLaren, and are reserved for youth who have made significant progress in their treatment and reformation plans. Youth in these camps are frequently out in the community for work and other opportunities.

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