Staff, Youth Join for Bandanna Project

A Rogue Valley staffperson and two youth collaborated to personalize plain white bandannas for staff.

(Above, Rogue Valley GLC Brian Postma (left) created a design and youth Jeffrey T. (right) and Jarrod L. used their screenprinting skills to transfer the design onto plain white bandannas worn as face coverings by staff.)

Oregon Youth Authority purchased bandannas as facial coverings for staff in all its close-custody facilities.

When Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility received its 120 plain white bandannas, one staff member had an idea to create an art project out of it — and to include youth in the process.

Brian Postma, a group life coordinator, created the design that has identifying features for each of the facility’s four living units.

Two youth, Jarrod L. and Jeffrey T., who had experience with the facility’s screen printing business, used royal blue ink to personalize the 120 white bandannas with Postma’s design.

Depending on how a person folds the bandanna, they see a different design.


A black and white close-up of GLC Brian Postma’s design of the bandanna. The letters in each corner represent a different living unit.

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