Youth Wins National Talent Competition

Ethan B. was honored nationally for a solo performance in honor of his child.

Ethan B., a 19-year-old who recently paroled from Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility, recently won first place in a national talent competition for youth in custody.

He earned first place in the solo category in the 2020 Kids Got Talent contest put on by Performance-based Standards (PbS). He was honored during an online event earlier this month.

Ethan, backed by several members of the facility’s ukulele group, performed a cover of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. What made his performance extra meaningful, in addition to his vocal talents, was the video’s focus on his relationship with his own child.

The annual annual PbS Kids Got Talent contact invites all youth in PbS facilities and programs across the country to submit their talents for a chance to show off their skills.

Check out Ethan’s winning performance at this link, but have some tissues handy.

Photo at top by Raquel Moss on Unsplash

  1. You guy’s are amazing, God bless you all , for everything you do for these Youths. For believing in them. Thank you for all you do

  2. I can see why he won, Great job, great voice and your back up was amazing as well,,,

  3. My goodness!!! Amazing! I hope this little baby knows how much her daddy loves her. Great job all the way around!!

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