Janus Youth Programs Awards Scholarships to 12 Youth

Their annual scholarship program helps youth in OYA custody pay for higher education.

Janus Youth Programs awarded $23,500 in scholarships this fall to 12 youth in Oregon Youth Authority custody.

The awards from the Scholarship for Success Foundation go to youth who already have a high school diploma or GED and are in a Janus program. In this case, the winners were all participants in Hope Partnership at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. Hope Partnership provides classes, workshops, and other programs to help youth explore their talents and prepare for their eventual transition back into the community.

The scholarships may be used for higher education, including master’s degrees, work supplies, technical training programs, certificate programs, or child care while they attend school, work, or training programs.

Janus is a nonprofit that operates more than 40 programs across the Northwest to provide services and resources for at-risk youth. This includes Hope Partnership as well as four residential programs for OYA youth.

Congratulations to these youth who earned 2020 scholarships:

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility

Agustin E.V.: $3,000

Andres M.: $1,500

Andy S.M.: $3,000

Anthony S.: $1,500

Brett P.: $1,700

Derrick C.: $1,200

Justin H.: $2,000

Marco A: $2,100

Reynaldo C.: $1,800

Turon W.: $3,000  

Camp Riverbend

Rodolfo E.: $1,200

Tyler S.: $1,500

eight young men standing outside
Left to right: Andy S.M., Turon W., Derrick C., Reynaldo C., Agustin E.V., Andres M., Justin H., Anthony S.
three young men standing in front of brick wall
Left to right: Marco A., Reynaldo C., Brett P.
two young men standing outside in a field
Left to right: Tyler S. and Rodolfo E.
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