2021 OYA Director’s Award winners announced

Ali Rolle, Brent Rutkowski, and Griselda Solano-Salinas are this year’s winners.

OYA Director Joe O’Leary and Deputy Director Dr. Nakeia Daniels are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2021 Director’s Outstanding Service Award.

This annual award formally recognizes individual staff members or teams for exemplary service to the agency.

This year’s winners are:

  • Ali Rolle, Juvenile Parole and Probation Officer, Multnomah County
  • Brent Rutkowski, Group Life Coordinator II, Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility
  • Griselda Solano-Salinas, Statewide Hispanic Services Coordinator, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations

It has been an exceptionally challenging year: professionally, personally, and for our communities. So many staff have gone above and beyond in service of our agency’s mission and for our youth.

These three staff exemplify extraordinary commitment, excellence, and dedication.

Ali Rolle

Ali Rolle joined OYA in 2017. Colleagues shared this about Ali: “During the pandemic, Ali was working with a youth who at one point was failing most of his classes while doing online school. Ali took it upon himself to go over to the youth’s house first thing in the morning to wake him up (reportedly, sometimes bringing the youth breakfast) and assisting the youth with getting ready for school and even staying around to assist him with his school work when possible. This youth went from failing his classes to passing them thanks in part to Ali’s efforts and investment.”

Brent Rutkowski

Brent Rutkowski has worked for OYA since 2000. Colleagues shared this about Brent: “Brent doesn’t get enough recognition for all the overtime he takes, and all of the mandates he has stopped. By doing this, he has created so much relief for staff at Oak Creek. Working in facilities requires two things: To show up and to care. Brent has repeatedly demonstrated both by showing up, especially when the stress of COVID impacted staffing greatly, and caring for his teammates by shouldering a good portion of this burden.”

Griselda Solano-Salinas

Griselda Solano-Salinas began working for OYA in 1996. Colleagues shared this about Griselda: “Griselda traversed the state to ensure each and every living unit could participate in a Hispanic Heritage celebration – a particular challenge during COVID as each unit celebrated separately. That meant coordinating dozens of events, constant travel, and extra effort to support youth. She has been a great leader in working and communicating with all the facilities. Griselda has been working hard to communicate to monolingual parents and give them all the information needed to make sure that they know what is happening with their kids. She is helping the agency with translation services in a time when things need to be communicated clearly. She is the middle person between some families and JPPOs, and she makes sure that families have all their questions answered.”

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