UPDATE: One runaway youth from Oregon Youth Authority still missing

The missing youth ran away the evening of May 16. Anyone who sees her should call 911.

UPDATE, June 16, 2022, 8:50 a.m.: Kayli Benshoof is now back in custody. Savanah Howes is still missing.


Two youth who ran away from the Oregon Youth Authority’s Young Women’s Transition Program in Albany on May 16, 2022, are still missing.

“We want to locate these youth to ensure their safety,” said Jenny Smith, an OYA spokesperson. “If members of the public encounter the youth, please call 911.”

The two youth are:

  • Kayli Benshoof, age 19. Benshoof was committed to OYA custody in December 2021 out of Columbia County.
  • Savanah Howes, age 19. Howes was committed to OYA custody in July 2020 out of Multnomah County.

Both youth were attending a supervised treatment program in the community when they left without permission.

The Young Women’s Transition Program is one of four step-down transitional facilities at OYA designed to prepare youth for their return to the community. Transitional facilities have lower security than youth correctional facilities and are reserved for youth who have made significant progress in their treatment and reformation plans. Youth in these transition facilities are frequently out in the community for work and other opportunities.

Headshot of Kayli Benshoof, young woman, white-looking skin, dark hair pulled back, smiling
Kayli Benshoof
Headshot of Savanah Howes, young woman, white-looking skin, long red hair that goes past her shoulders
Savanah Howes
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